Don't Forget Paris

By Jeff Lippman - February 05, 2007

Boy do I feel silly.

Each month I study the goings on and results around women's college basketball and I compile my monthly college hoops report. The report always includes a section for listing the best five players from each position.

Courtney Paris was my hands down pick for the center position every month except the last, January, where I went with Duke's Alison Bales.

While Bales is an excellent choice at 6-foot-7 and the nation's leading shot blocker, Oklahoma's star shone very bright on Sunday.

During the 78-63 win over Oklahoma State, the All-American and Player of the Year candidate finished with--and you should probably be sitting for this--41 points and 19 rebounds.

Alison Bales is a wonderful player, but I don't see her pulling down numbers like that.

The double-double machine tied Molly McGuire on OU's career record in the category with her 54th game with double figures in points and boards. In fact, this was the 48th consecutive game with a double-double.

Fifty four double-doubles and she is only a sophomore!

Paris was 16-for-22 from the field and didn't even reach her career high of 43 points, however this was her highest output against a Big 12 opponent.

She is the most dominant offensive inside force in the game today. Alison Bales, Crystal Langhorne, they have something in common that Paris doesn't have. Other All-American candidates litter Duke and Maryland's roster but the only one with a chance to hoist that trophy on the Sooners is Paris.

It's fitting she bears the name of the city that houses the Eiffel Tower, as for Oklahoma, she is the monument that stands out from the rest, the tower in the middle. Courtney Paris is only getting better.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 01:12 PM on February 05, 2007

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