ACC Title Game: End Game

By Jeff Lippman - March 04, 2007

Running Commentary:

With 24.4 seconds to go, it's State's ball down by five.

State's missed a runner, Latta came down with the board, was fouled and then made two fists at the player who fouled her.

No technical was called.

Latta hit her first free throw, 58-52, and timeout was called.

Should N.C. State lose this game, there will be no sad looks, no heads down, they earned the respect of every team in the ACC and across the country.

Latta calmly hits the second free throw, 59-52, with 13.8 left.

Shayla Fields hits a runner in the lane, 59-54, 8.2 left.

Timeout called.

UNC ball under State's basket. The ball was inbounded to Larkins and State failed to foul right away. Larkins will head to the line with just 4.9 remaining. She has a chance to ice it, but she missed the first.

She hit the second and this game is over.

Carolina is your 2007 ACC Champions, but N.C. State are the champions of everyone's heart, as the streamers come down from the rafters. The final score, Carolina 60, N.C. State 54.

So long from Greensboro. As I'm bombarded with balloons and confetti. I'm trying to write over here!

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 02:54 PM on March 04, 2007

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