ASU vs. Cal: Bring it on!

By Lara Boyko - March 04, 2007

It's still early, but ASU has gone from a 10 point lead to a 2 point lead in a matter of minutes.

Their persistent shooting, good communication on offense and scrappiness on defense are frustrating Cal. In fact, Cal has only shot the ball eight times so far as compared to ASU's 19 shots.

Granted this has already become a physical game where now two ASU players have landed flat on their backs and Cal's Greif is now crying in pain on the floor (the latest quote from crowd is from a Cal fan saying "See what you let happen you piece of s&@t!" - ah Pac-10 women's basketball, a family event).

With the crowd getting ugly already and the refs deciding to now call the game more closely, it will be a long game.

Stay tuned...

Posted by Lara Boyko at 05:17 PM on March 04, 2007

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