ASU vs. Cal: Controlling the boards

By Lara Boyko - March 04, 2007

ASU's coach may have had the quote of the weekend yesterday. With the Pac-10 being such a tough conference full of physical teams, to survive in these games it is not just about outlasting, outwitting or outplaying. Instead, it's about out-rebounding.

I don't know when it took place, but I've noticed a lot of guards this weekend who do not follow their own shot. ASU's January is the exception. In the two times she has followed her shot just today, she has gotten her own rebound and helped ASU maintain posession.

Right now the board count is as follows:
ASU 14
Cal 17

There's less than a minute to go before the half and it looks like ASU will get the last shot after getting the defensive rebound.

Even though they didn't connect, they wouldn't have had the chance if they had not gotten the board.

Stay tuned, we are now at halftime.

ASU 26
Cal 25

Posted by Lara Boyko at 05:47 PM on March 04, 2007

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