ASU-BGSU: Orisill-Oh!

By Jessica Garrison - March 24, 2007

She's the the Sun Devils' leading scorer at halftime and her name isn't Emily Westerberg. Orisillo's dropped a couple of pretty three-pointers, and just capped off the first-half scoring with a full court spring and a pull-up jumper from the free-throw line. ASU leads at the half by 16 points, and I'm starting to feel confident that Matt's going to be buying the beers tonight.

Then again, ASU's been working their way through this tournament by overcoming (big) deficits. How are they going to react to being up at halftime?

In honor of this Pac-10 team and Lara Boyko who believed in them, Stay tuned...

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 12:39 PM on March 24, 2007

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