ASU-BGSU: Stay Classy

By Matt Meyers - March 24, 2007

BGSU coach Curt Miller did the appropriate thing and took his seniors out the game with 30 seconds left. Not surprisingly, they got an enormous ovation and tears were most certainly shed. Jess can barely control herself over here (I kid).

BGSU finishes with a 31-4 record and the team's six seniors lose just their 26th collegiate game. Not too shabby.

Kate Achter's aunt is stoicly holding up her "Kate the Great" sign behind us, despite Achter's disappointing performance.

BGSU loses 67-49 and ASU moves on to the Elite Eight to face the winner of the Duke-Rutgers game that isset to tip at the bottom of the hour.

Posted by Matt Meyers at 01:53 PM on March 24, 2007

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