Austin: Cindy's Loving Her Coonskin Cap

By Jean Neuberger - March 19, 2007

So Cinderella's been strutting around Austin in glass slippers and a coonskin cap (a true Texas fashion statement), and it's been helping out West Virginia. The Mountaineers, who scored just 25 points the last time they played LSU, already have more than that this time around, and lead the shocked LSU Tigers 28-23 with 15:19 to go in the game.

The small crowd of WVU fans are going wild, and the dancers have managed to find a dance to the slow hymn "Simple Gifts"...those ladies are something else.

The LSU fans, who are definitely the majority tonight, are stunned right now. However, there is hope for the Lady Tigers, as Olaynika Sanni just picked up her fourth foul for West Virginia. Maybe this is what Sylvia Fowles needs to officially claim ownership of the paint.

For now though, Mike the Tiger is offering a trade of Mardi Gras beads for Cindy's coonskin cap, and Cindy's not biting just yet.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 10:43 PM on March 19, 2007

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