Austin: Halftime Sports Talk

By Jean Neuberger - March 19, 2007

How could we go through a trip to Austin without talking to everyone that's part of the action? With the sound of the halftime buzzer, it was time to venture into the stands to talk to some of the handful of fans in the Erwin Center to talk about the game and the host site.

Naturally, the best place to start was with the famous dancers, who rooted for Marquette last game, and this game, instead of rooting for LSU, are rooting for the Mountaineers. As one of them put it, Marquette and WVU have hardly any fans, so they need at least some support here in Austin.

Talking with Marsha Warren, the dancers indeed hail from San Antonio, where they not only cheer for the Silver Stars, they adopt players and make banners for each of their adopted players for each San Antonio WNBA game.

"We love basketball," said Warren. "We thought it'd be fun to go to Austin and cheer these girls on."

Another thing they love: CSTV (that's right!). According to the dancers, all six watch our TV network religiously.

Venturing over to the other side, I found Codi Trahan, a LSU cheerleader from New Orleans, who's well known to the crowd, as her voice by far exceeds everyone else's on the court.

"We need to pick it up in the second half," she said. "We'll pull it off though."

When asked about the host site, Trahan was quick to praise Austin.

"We've had a great time here in Austin," Trahan said. "We're ready to go home though. We've been here since Thursday."

Home is just 20 minutes of basketball away from Trahan, and possibly for the Tigers as well if they let West Virginia hang around too long.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 10:35 PM on March 19, 2007

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