Austin: Mountaineers Making First Run

By Jean Neuberger - March 17, 2007

The first serious run of the game for either team has gone WVU's way, as a 10-4 run over the last five minutes has given the Moutaineers their biggest lead at 26-18. One key factor has been a new sense of aggressive play by West Virginia in the paint. Where Xavier once was outrebounding WVU 14-6, WVU now is outrebounding Xavier 18-17 for the game.

The WVU fans are starting to make a little noise behind me on press row (all six of them), while their cheerleaders and mascot have taken the floor. In the spirit of fair journalism, we trashed the XU mascot, so now we'll give the Mountaineer the same respect (or lack of). We know he's supposed to be a rugged guy with a coonskin cap and a gun...but this guy looks TOO authentic. He looks like a guy on I-35 yesterday that was trying to hitchhike....needless to say, no one would pick this guy up on the road. Great cheerleaders and band though from WVU.

It's 28-18 now in favor of West Virginia, as we've gone under 1:30 to go in the first half.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 08:36 PM on March 17, 2007

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