Big XII: Bombs Away!

By Jean Neuberger - March 07, 2007

So far, Oklahoma and Texas have traded baskets. The difference? OU has shot nothing but 3-pointers, making 5-7 so far, while Texas is settling for jumpers. That difference has given the Sooners an early 15-8 lead with 11:30 to go in the game.

Leah Rush has hit two of OU's 3-point bombs, and Erin Higgins has one of her own. But the surprise is freshman Jenna Plumley, who's hit the other two 3-point shots for the Sooners. Texas certainly didn't have Plumley at the top of their scouting report.

Tiffany Jackson has the last four points for the Longhorns, who are struggling against an OU defense that is tightly guarding the paint, attempting to force the 'Horns to take more long range shots. However, the 'Horns are still trying to win over the paint. It's just not working that well for them.

Brittany Raven just made one of two FT shots, so now it's 15-9 Sooners, 11:05 to go.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 07:17 PM on March 07, 2007

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