Big XII: Get Ready for an OU-Texas Showdown

By Jean Neuberger - March 06, 2007

Few games could make the Cox Convention Center rock like a showdown between hated rivals Oklahoma and Texas. At the half, with the 'Horns up 46-27, it appears that we'll have a shootout tomorrow night in Oklahoma City.

The Missouri spirit squad is performing now, and they're doing quite a good job, given the fact that 1) their team is getting blown out, and 2) they are dancing to the music of their small pep band.

You've got to sympathize a little with Missouri. It's not as if the Tigers aren't trying hard. They are. They're all over the court...hustling, scrambling and basically trying everything they can to stop the Longhorns tonight. The problem is, it's just not working. Texas is playing lights out. They've shot the ball well, they've played aggressive defense, they've dominated the interior, and they're running Missouri ragged.

There is no doubt that there is a huge gap in talent here. Texas is the better organized, better conditioned, more talented team. EeTisha Riddle, who has 10 points at the half, has played well for Missouri, and could play for a lot of major programs. However, Texas is putting five players on the court that are as good as Brooks, and the Tigers are paying in a major way.

After watching Texas this half, an obvious question comes to mind. Where on Earth was this team all season? The Longhorns looked like a well-oiled machine, yet finished seventh in the Big XII Conference during the regular season. The only answer seems to be that the 'Horns were huge underachievers this year. It's one thing when a team is hot, but Texas is flat out dominating this game in every aspect, and when you have a team doing that, it demonstrates more of a talent gap than it does a "one's hot, the other's not" explanation. The Longhorns are a NCAA caliber team, but they haven't played up to their talent level for most of the season, and thus, they'll need to reel off four straight to make the Big Dance, and facing Oklahoma tomorrow, in the heart of Sooner Country, will not be as easy as tonight's game.

We're getting ready to start the second half...knowing that an inevitable Red River Shootout awaits tomorrow night, barring a catastrophe of the highest order by Texas.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 07:53 PM on March 06, 2007

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