Big XII: More of the Same

By Jean Neuberger - March 06, 2007

You want a good example of how this game is going so far? Here's the last three possessions for both teams...

Colorado lets the ball go past the time-line, then allows Tech to pick it up for a fast break instead of taking the backcourt violation.
Texas Tech's Darrice Griffin proceeds to miss the easy lay-up, and then the Raiders lose the ball out-of-bounds.
Colorado takes the ball, misses a shot badly, and Tech rebounds
Tech drives down the court and promptly turns the ball over to CU's Whitney Houston (no, not the singer!)
Colorado doesn't get a shot, instead throwing the ball to a wide-open Jordan Murphree
Murphree drives down the court for Tech, misses the lay-up, gets the ball again, and misses the lay-up again.

Meanwhile, Gary Blair is licking his chops.

18-16 Tech with 7:53 to go.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 01:19 PM on March 06, 2007

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