Big XII: Post-Game Quotes

By Jean Neuberger - March 10, 2007

After the game was through, the players and coaches shared their thoughts with us in the media. Here are some of the better quotes.

"Send us where you send us, place us where you place us. We'll be ready to play" - OU Coach Sherri Coale, on what seed she felt she deserved to get in the NCAA Tournament

"I went 5-22 one season, and I told myself that when I win, I'm going to celebrate until the sun rises. I told my players that tonight. We'll worry about the NCAA Tournament tomorrow. Tonight, we won the Big XII Tournament Championship, and we're going to celebrate until the sun rises." - Sherri Coale, during opening remarks.

"Win six games? Yeah, we want to win six games. That's the goal, isn't it?" - OU's Courtney Paris, on if she felt her team could win six games, thus clinching a NCAA title.

"I would not trade our players for anyone. I thought they played as hard as they possibly could play in a very difficult environment." - ISU Coach Bill Fennelly, during opening remarks.

"They're not going to play against a better post player. They're not. If there is one, I don't know who it is." - Fennelly, regarding Courtney Paris.

"I took them out because I wanted to thank them for getting us here, and I wanted the Oklahoma fans to recognize two of the best people I've ever been around in my life." -Fennelly, on taking out Lyndsey Medders and Megan Ronhovde.

"I love tournament play. I think it's fun. Either play and win or go home. And I love to play so I want to keep playing." - Oklahoma's Leah Rush, on her play this tournament weekend.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 09:57 PM on March 10, 2007

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