Big XII: Texas Up Early on Missouri

By Jean Neuberger - March 06, 2007

First off, sorry to everyone for the technical difficulties! (Internet server went down). We have interviews with Iowa State that will be posted as soon as I can find some free time!

Meanwhile, Texas has jumped out of the gate quickly on Missouri. The Longhorns have become the first team of the tournament to come out of the gate STRONG. Going inside from the start, Emeisha Bailey and Brittany Raven have had field days for the Horns, as they've jumped to a quick 20-9 lead with 13:36 to go in the first half.

Missouri is being outhustled by the 'Horns right now, plain and simple. While the Tigers attempt to slow the game down and work set plays into the game, the Longhorns just keep running up and down the court, and Missouri has no answer, nor the speed to even match Texas this early.

Texas could make this really ugly, really really soon. And the fans...well, aren't too happy about it. The majority of the crowd is pulling for Mizzou, thanks in part to a contingent of Sooner fans who are committed to pull for just about anyone to beat the Lady 'Horns.

For now though, it's all Texas early.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 07:10 PM on March 06, 2007

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