Big XII: The Last Minute

By Jean Neuberger - March 10, 2007

We've got a run by the Cyclones, as they've cut the OU lead down to 61-53. ISU has the ball as we hit the one minute mark.

51.9 seconds - Medders races down the court, goes to her left and hits a lay-up. It's 61-55 OU.
45.9 seconds - ISU fouls...but it's only foul #5 for the Cylones. They need two more.
45.1 seconds - Megan Ronhovde committs ISU's 7th foul...Plumley to the line for OU. She makes the first....and the's 63-55 OU
45.1 seconds - ISU races down court, Medders goes inside, misses, but gets the rebound...throws back out to Lacey for a 3...GOOD! 63-58 with 35.2 seconds to go!
31.0 seconds - Foul by Ronhovde again. Rush to shoot the 1-and-1. MISSED. Rebound ISU. Ezell races down the court, she's going to shoot it herself...lonnnng 3 is no good, rebound and Ronhovde committs her 4th foul
26.6 seconds - Rush to shoot. MISSED AGAIN! ISU with the ball...they need to hurry...Lacey for 3....NO. Rebound OU, and I think this will do it.
16.2 seconds - Plumley to the line...makes the first....makes the second.. 65-58
16.2 seconds - ISU races downcourt, Medders takes it in herself for the lay-up. 65-60 OU
7.9 seconds - Ezell fouls Courtney Paris...Paris to the line...makes the first...and the second...67-60 OU
7.9 seconds - ISU races downcourt...Ezell for 3...NO GOOD...OU rebounds...THIS ONE IS OVER.


Posted by Jean Neuberger at 09:28 PM on March 10, 2007

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