Big XII: The Last Minute...Part 2

By Jean Neuberger - March 07, 2007

ISU up 77-76

54 seconds - Wieben misses lay-up as the shot clock expires. Nebraska rebounds the ball and moves upcourt.

47.3 seconds - NU calls timeout, as the ISU crowd starts chanting louder than ever before...this place is rocking right now.

Gary Blair just turned around to inform me that Pokey Chatman resigned at LSU. WOW.

35 seconds - Ronhovde steals the ball back for ISU, and Nebraska fouls Medders.

26.6 seconds - Medders hits the first (78-76 ISU), and the second as well (79-76 ISU). The Cyclones call timeout.

More talking between Blair, his assistants, and us in the media about Pokey she going to Florida maybe? This is incredible news...I'm sure Baton Rouge is shellshocked right now.

26.6 seconds - NU inbounds and tries to get an open look for the 3-pointer with Chelsea Aubry. However, Ronhovde is right on her tail...great defense by the Cyclones. Nebraska is forced to call timeout again.

7.3 seconds - NU inbounds again...Hardy loses control...gets it back...shoots... NO GOOD!


The crowd is going insane right now, as Iowa State will face Texas A&M tomorrow.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 05:38 PM on March 07, 2007

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