Big XII: Wrap-Up Part 2: ISU's Megan Ronhovde

By Jean Neuberger - March 09, 2007

We started the Big XII season at Media Days, where we first interviewed senior forward/guard Megan Ronhovde, who gave an impressive interview about her team and her thoughts on this season. Now, four months later, as her left ankle was being looked over and taped by trainers, I caught up with Ronhovde again in the Cyclone locker room. Here's the transcript of our conversation tonight....

CSTV: Megan, congratulations. First off, how's the ankle?

MR (laughing): You know, right now they're taping it. It feels pretty numb right now; I can't feel much of anything there. But it'll be ok by Saturday. There's no way...nothing really that will stop me from playing on Saturday.

CSTV: Talk about that first 3-pointer that you hit. You seemed to be in a shooting slump, and then onoce you hit that first three-pointer tonight, it seemed like you were back in your groove.

MR: Well, you know, the coaches kept telling me to shoot the ball. I think it's a shooter's have to shoot your way out of a slump. And, I knew tonight that I had to get some point production. It felt really good hitting that first three and getting some points for my team.

CSTV: When the second half started, you look at the A&M players and they look stern and serious...I look at you and you're just the opposite; you're smiling..

MR (breaking into another smile): Yeah, it's supposed to be fun. We're playing in the conference semifinals, in one of the toughest conferences in the country, and we're playing against the number one team in the conference. And not only are we in the game, we're ahead at halftime. So yeah, we were having fun out there. It's been a fun last couple of days. We'll enjoy this one tonight, and then we'll be ready to go come Saturday.

CSTV: Talk about how you and the other seniors coming into this program, playing in your last year, and the foundation that you've built for Iowa State.

MR: It's something that we're really proud of. Historically, the teams that people talk about know.. the Megan Taylors, the teams from five and six years ago, and now we've put ourselves in a position to be compared with that group. And with me, Lyndsey, and Abby...being able to do this, I mean, I think this is something that's really neat, that's really special. You know, with the people that we are, and the 13 players that we know, it's a really neat thing. You can't put it into words really. It's just nice to have that our senior year...just a really neat thing and we're elated to be part of it.

CSTV: Megan, congratulations, and good luck on Saturday.

MR: Thank you

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 01:33 AM on March 09, 2007

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