Dallas and Dayton Regionals

By Jeff Lippman - March 12, 2007

By far, the Dayton Regional is the most difficult.

The No. 4 seed in Dayton, Ohio State, was considered a No. 1 seed just a few weeks ago. The No. 5 seed, Middle Tennessee State has won 26 games in a row.

The No. 1 seed is Tennessee, followed by Maryland and then Oklahoma.

Maryland, the defending champs, will have to get through possible matchups with Ole Miss, Oklahoma and then OSU or Tennessee if they want to get back to the Final Four...and they can do it.

Dayton has four teams who at some point this season were seriously being considered for a one seed.

Dallas is North Carolina's regional.

The No. 2 seed is Purdue, the toughest challenge the Tar Heels will have along the road to Cleveland.

The possible Sweet 16 matchup between the Boilermakers and Georgia, the three seed, will be an excellent game, but the winner will have to deal with the Heels.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 08:24 PM on March 12, 2007
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dont forget about your darkhorse from the big12 iowa state.. in a winnable spot and playing in Min will be an advantage..

Why is everyone counting MTSU out of the Sweet 16? They're a 5 seed and they'll probably end up playing a 4 seed...last time I checked those numbers are pretty close together usually meaning the teams are pretty evenly matched. I only have to say three more things: 1) Watch out for the full court press for 40 minutes, 2) Watch out for the 3 from MT, and 3) CHRISSY GIVENS!!

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