Dallas: Purdue Picking Up Steam

By Jean Neuberger - March 25, 2007

Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton is giving UGA fits, and if this keeps up, she'll be in Bulldog nightmares for years to come. She's got 19 points right now, and Katie Gearlds now has 18, as she's just launched another 3-pointer for the Boilers, and Purdue is racing past a stunned Georgia team, 53-45, with 10:35 to go in the game.

Georgia still hasn't found Humphrey...in fact, they took her out. Angel Robinson has six points this half though, and 10 for the game, as she tries to fill the huge void in the paint for Georgia.

Andy Landers has been screaming at the refs non-stop this half. Maybe it'll add some fuel to the UGA fire, but right now, it's all Old Gold and Black in Dallas.

Speaking of fouls...UGA has six this half, Purdue has just two. Wow.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 08:30 PM on March 25, 2007

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