Duke-Rutgers: She's On Ice

By Jessica Garrison - March 24, 2007

So contrary to what this blog's title might lead you to believe, both of these teams are shooting cold, cold, cold. Sure, Rutgers has their abyssmal 24 percent shooting to deal with, but Duke's still none too stellar at 42 percent. Unless Stringer has the Knights back out here for shooting practice in a minute, I'd say all the Blue Devils have to do to stay in control is tighten up their offense -- 21 points in a half for a team with national title aspirations is bad news, I don't care what defensive guru's team you're playing.

With absolutely no intent to jinx Duke the way I did Maryland, but I'm getting pretty tired of the video of last saeson's title game that plays during every NCAA game's halftime. Then again, while it could have served to soften Maryland with overconfidence, it will only remind Duke's fans what the Blue Devils are fighting against: last season's demons, and a chance to get another crack at the title that eluded them in overtime.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 03:05 PM on March 24, 2007

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