Final thoughts from LA

By Lara Boyko - March 18, 2007

It's 10:30 pm and I know there is some green beer somewhere in this city calling my name, but before that, here are some non-rocket science final thoughts from the four games played at the Galen Center.

Jump out quick and get the momentum of the game going your way early on - Not only does it frustrate your opponents such as the case with BYU tonight, but if you go into your game as the underdog, an early lead gives you confidence. A team that is riding high on confidence can find things in themselves that they may not have known were possible which in turn can help you walk away with a win.

Take your opponents out of their game - There was almost an upset tonight here in the West because of how UC Riverside was able to take ASU out of their game from the get go. Yet once ASU found their mojo on the floor, ASU turned it around. By finding their game in time, coach Charli Turner Thorne was able to put it so eloquently when she described her team's win with "Whew!" after seeing her team find their way back in the final five minutes.

Relax and have fun, this is a dance and a game - Part of what can prevent a team from performing how they should is how tight they are coming into a game. Yes, this part of the season is a very big deal, but remember, this is a game, play yours and have fun with it. Otherwise, those precious 40 minutes of playing time will go by in a flash and you can find yourself not only going home early, but not having enjoyed the moment at hand.

Go support a team! - When the first game started today, I seriously thought that there were more people in the support staff and media than actually sitting in the stands at the Galen Center. Yes, all of the teams that made it here had to either drive or fly a great distance (hey, Riverside can be a long drive when traffic is bad), but regardless if your team is still playing or not, go out and support a team. You never know when you will be watching a team and see something in a new player that energizes your interest in the sport. If you don't get out to a second round game or see regional site action, you'll have to wait 12 more months to experience why the madness of March makes this a month-long holiday for college basketball fans.

The Galen Center is now quiet and just like the teams that are all back at their hotels resting up after tonight, it's time for me to do the same.

Posted by Lara Boyko at 01:30 AM on March 18, 2007

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