Florida-Vanderbilt: Mascot Update

By Jessica Garrison - March 02, 2007

Vanderbilt's mascot has to be the shortest thing I've ever seen. The Commodore's head is at least half of its total height. At least it's not wearing a bow, like "Alberta" the female Gator.

Good thing they're not short on the scoreboard -- they're up 14-7 five minutes in -- Florida's got to get into a rhythm, quick, to keep this tournament run going.

And speaking of height, holy cow is Carolyn Peck tall in person. Put it this way: I wouldn't mess with her.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 09:43 PM on March 02, 2007
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If you think Carolyn is tall, you should see her brother. And you can, since he is a Florida assistant coach. He's the guy who looks just like her. Fun fact, he was on my intramural basketball team my senior year. We actually weren't even that good.

ANYTHING has to be better than that Gator mascot...Even Joe and Josephine Bruin...I may have my alumni card revoked for this comment...

Holy cow, you're right, they look just alike. Except for the (lack of) hair, Michael Peck's a dead ringer.

Really, your team wasn't any good? C'mon, I used to ref intramural basketball -- finding a guy over 6'5" was like finding a frat boy who didn't argue EVERY SINGLE CALL.

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