Florida-Vandy: Gator-Aid

By Jessica Garrison - March 02, 2007

Florida just took the court along with their the Gator mascot, garishly outfitted in an orange dress and bow. Barring the fashion faux pas, I've never liked the idea of a female mascot as an alternative to the standard mascot. First of all, mascots should be utterly without gender (Really, imagine Mrs. Buckeye). Second, I can't help feeling marginalized -- was the usual Gator too important to make it over here? Sure the ladies aren't defending champs like the men, but let's give 'em a little credit.

Admittedly, this a topic too serious for pregamre chatter. The arena has cleared out considerably, but Florida's raring to go on its bid to regain relevance and Vanderbilt wouldn't mind "Commandeering" a win of its own.

(Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 09:27 PM on March 02, 2007
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Actually, Jessica, as a Florida Alum, I should tell you that Florida has two mascots. Albert and Alberta. They are a happy married couple, but Alberta prefers the women's game.

I just caught Alberta's name on the back of her dress...didn't realize it was a whole mascot family, a la the Wolfpack.

Incidentally, did the whole Pack show up for the ACC tournament? They've done Florida one better -- there's a happily married couple and a little wolf cub, to boot.

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