Georgia Tech: Calisthenics Anyone?

By Jeff Lippman - March 01, 2007

Yes, I know you are all wondering, I thought VC and BT were playing. Er...or is that VT and BC, yeah that sounds right.

They are still playing, in fact, it's a solid game with BC ahead 48-47 with 1:35 to play. They just might hit 50 afterall.

So I was on my way to the room where they keep the food to get another cup of coffee so I don't fall asleep as I type this sentence and I along the way I found the Georgia Tech team doing their pre-game stretch.

Well, I was feeling a little tight in certain areas, so I did a few stretches, a few jumping jacks with the team before nearly passing out and completing my original task of getting that cup of coffee.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 07:36 PM on March 01, 2007

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