Greensboro: A Day "Off"

By Jessica Garrison - March 25, 2007

So much for Sunday as a day of rest. These two teams have today and only today to prepare for each other. Sure, they prepared to play each other in a preseason tournament, but both teams have grown remarkably since that time, so there's plenty of scouting to be done.

Arizona State's out on the court for their closed practice (which I discovered after traipsing out of the court and being reprimanded by a beefy event staff guy) and has their off-day press conference thereafter. You can bet a lot of the talk is going to be about the preseason tournament matchup that was cancelled between these two teams after a death in the ASU family -- it was a subject that brough both Emily Westerberg and Charli Turner Thorne to tears on the winner's podium yesterday. Today they have to be more prepared for the questions, but the subject is still overwhelmingly emotional.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 01:31 PM on March 25, 2007
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Did you see my piece on Aubree Johnson from earlier in the week? If not, check it out as it will give you a lot of background info on what happened.


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