Hartford: Inconspicuous

By Jessica Garrison - March 18, 2007

How often can you walk right by Rebecca Lobo and not notice she's there? Her stature, both physically and anywhere within 100 miles of Storrs, CT makes her a bonafide fight-off-the-mob celebrity. But walk by her I did, right past her sitting at the end of the press tables, rehearsing her pregame bit in her best on screen voice. Sitting down and speaking softly, Lobo looks like any of the other tall women here -- you have to wonder how it feels, even years later, to be sitting on the sidelines of a court you used to rule.

(On a seperate note, the NCAA has very strict rules about what beverages are allowed on press row. ALL drinks must be in an NCAA/Dasani paper cup, no cans allowed under ANY circumstances. A very kind event staffer just confiscated my pint-sized Dasani bottle. Talk about total sponsorship!)

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 12:00 PM on March 18, 2007

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