Lou-UConn: Barking Back

By Jeff Lippman - March 05, 2007

Well, it was 5-0 Louisville...

Now, it's 14-7 UConn. Go figure. Yeah, they're good.

And this "neutral" crowd loves them.

The Connecticut 14-2 run was sparked by six points from Kalana Greene and a passing lane interception and breakaway layup by Ketia Swanier.

Louisville's Brandie Radde leads the way for them with five points.

Meanwhile, Big East cheerleaders seem to get more respect than in the ACC.

At least UConn's do.

I can't remember a cheerleading routine met by a round of applause in Greensboro, but here in Hartford, every dismount is met by an ovation.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 06:14 PM on March 05, 2007

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