LSU-Tennessee: CP3 Woah...

By Jessica Garrison - March 03, 2007

Where the heck is Candace Parker? I mean, she's on the court, but she's not making much noise. I don't see any particularly stunning defensive moves that LSU is taking against her besides a standard double-team, but here she is with only four points heading into the last five minutes of this game. Sure, the Tigers are sticking tight, but I'm beginning to wonder if Tennessee didn't expect less of this LSU team. They almost look tired, while the Tigers are tearing up and down the court with the ferocity that earned them this 10-point lead -- make that a 12 point lead, on a layup from Quiana Chaney right out of the time out.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 08:14 PM on March 03, 2007

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