LSU-Tennessee: Halftime Hocus Pocus

By Jessica Garrison - March 03, 2007

What my crystal ball tells me the coaches are probably yelling about in the locker rooms right now...

Pat Summitt: "We have TOO MANY TURNOVERS!!! How do you expect to hold a lead when you're just GIVING it away!? Slow it down in transition, pick your shots and look before you pass. And D up, while you're at it, don't you see the name on the front of your jersey!?"

Pokey Chatman: "They're right where we want them, but they're gonna give us hell trying to keep it that way. They're going to come out firing, so keep the pressure on Parker and an extra eye on Spencer and Hornbuckle outside. Forget you ever had the jitters, forget the name on the front of their jerseys and go for blood. GO!"

Mind you, this prescient glimpse is brought to you by the special powers endowed us media types by the press food -- or in my case, the leftover pretzles and massive amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper still available.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 07:48 PM on March 03, 2007

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