LSU-Tennessee: Orange You Glad...

By Jessica Garrison - March 03, 2007

...that you don't have to play Tennessee tonight? I sure am. You should have heard it -- when they called the opening lineups, there was a decent cheer for LSU, an extra round of applause for LSU forward Porsha Phillips from nearby Stone Mountain, Ga., and then a ROAR for Tennessee...this team knows how to travel.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 06:54 PM on March 03, 2007
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You wouldn't believe this -- I got her an hour beforehand and was pounding away on my keyboard, then decided at 6:20 (25 minutes to game) to snag some food and they'd packed in the buffet. I was robbed!

The sweet tea was good, though...And luckily, they left out some snacks.

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