LSU-Tennessee: Robbed

By Jessica Garrison - March 03, 2007

LSU point guard Erica White is FAST. I mean lickety-split, whoosh, zoom, swish fast, and she's turned it into four points early. LSU's really cranked it up in transition and they're climbing back into the games after looking a little out of sorts to start.

I also just realized that our arena announcer here is female. Pretty rare in my experience, to have a woman's voice booming over the loudspeaker on play calls and promotions. She looks to be an otherwise unassuming white-haired lady, but she's holding it down on the microphone. Considering FSN has two men calling the game for TV, it's nice to have another woman in a sideline chair.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 07:05 PM on March 03, 2007

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