LSU-Tennessee: The Fans are Getting Restless

By Jessica Garrison - March 03, 2007

So Tennessee fans are obviously not used to being down at halftime -- or ever, for that matter. The frustration is starting to show, as an orange clad Vol-ite is right behind me, loudly chewing out the Event Staff guy behind me about the LSU cheerleaders being on the court while Tennessee is shooting free throws on the other end of the court. Apparently, she spoke to "someone at the SEC" about it last night and was promised that it would not happen again tonight. Harumph.

(The best part is watching the southern charm mix with the anger. Apparently she "wouldn't dream of blaming" the event staff guy and "is terribly sorry to be such a pill" but it is "absolutely unacceptable". People kill me.)

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 07:38 PM on March 03, 2007

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