LSU-Vanderbilt: Fan of the Game Nominations

By Jessica Garrison - March 04, 2007

From where I'm sitting, here's the best and brightest from the crowd. We'll decide later who get the She's On Fire SEC Fan of the Game award based upon their continued participation and positive sportsmanship. Meanwhile, I will fashion a trophy from discarded SEC plastic cups and popcorn wrappers.

Nominees include:
* The guy with a black-and-gold "V" painted on his bald head. (Mr. Clean, Vandy alum. Who knew!?)
* The group of women with the signs that say "Big Syl is a Big Deal" and "Pokey for Pope"
* The woman with the "No need for HEIGHT, we got ERICA WHITE" sign
* The Mardi-Gras masked person of indeterminate gender wearing a toilet seat around his/her neck that reads: "Flush the Commodores". My kind of humor!
* The kid right behind me with popcorn stuck to his Vanderbilt face paint. Unintentional.
* The woman in the South Carolina sweatshirt. Can't blame her for dreaming.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 09:07 PM on March 04, 2007

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