LSU-Vanderbilt: Jump for Joy!

By Jessica Garrison - March 04, 2007

There is no better antidote to slogger's block than a gem like this hafltime show -- the Georgia Jumpers, a group of four girls around the age of 12 who are jump rope GENIUSES. I mean they're doing things on a jump rope that I haven't seen out of Cirque de Soliel. The fact that they're avoiding getting caught in the ropes to the tune of Madonna's "Hung Up" seems like a particular stroke of genius to me.

Oooh, here comes the double dutch portion...and now they finish with the splits! Incredible! Pardon me while I give the Georgia Jumpers a standing ovation. They rocked WAY more than your average scantily clad dance team...

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 08:20 PM on March 04, 2007
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Easy there on the scantily clad USC Song Girls helped USC get extra points from Sports Illustrated when they ranked the schools...

C'mon, the Song Girls hardly qualify as scantily clad. They wear sweaters, for goodness sake.

My beef is with the dance team outfits that would almost any parent in this arena wouldn't let their daughter out of the house in. Whatever happened to a few strategically place sequins?

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