MD-UNC: Another Big Finish?

By Jeff Lippman - March 03, 2007

Don't blink, the Terps are back.

Maryland hasn't played like this, with this much fluidity and heart and togetherness since last year's title run. It may have taken 33 games, but the Terps have finally woke up.

Shay Doron nailed the three pointer of her life and Maryland has the ball with just under three minutes only down by two, 67-65.

I believe I said, before this game started, that by the end of it Shay Doron would get bloody before she'd let her team lose.

Well, she's bloody. After diving for a ball--what else is new--the scrappy guard smashed her nose into the floor. As she was walking off the court with gauze in her nose, she told her team to get in there and do it.

Guess what? Toliver hit a huge jumper on the next posession and the Terps tied it at 67.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 06:25 PM on March 03, 2007

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