Ole Miss-Maryland: Ker-Plunk.

By Jessica Garrison - March 20, 2007

As Tom Kolehmainen of the Meriden Record-Journal seated next to me put it, quite simply: "Well, they certainly didn't come out of halftime with an answer."

Is this the same Maryland team that played so in sync last postseason it was almost as if they were possessed? What on earlh is going on here? Full credit to the job Ole Miss is doing on them, but there's plenty of moments the Terps are shooting themselves right in the foot here.

Conspiracy theorist alert: Milton Kent of the Baltimore Sun reported last night that Toliver had did not deny or offer "no comment" when he asked her if she would consider transferring at the end of the season. Instead, she said "Right now, it's all about this year and focus on the next five games."

Frese's decision to not start Toliver has raised questions, especially at this critical time of year, and has me wondering if that lineup change isn't helping to cut into this team's chemistry -- or at least, as Milton speculates, Toliver's confidence.

Back on the court there's no spark of recovery from the Terps yet, still trailing by 17 and without a hot hand to look to. Yesterday, I would've written this off as a blowout. Today, I keep wondering when Maryland's going to wake up and put up a fight...

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 08:20 PM on March 20, 2007

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