Rutgers-ASU: All-Regional Balloting

By Jessica Garrison - March 26, 2007

So this game is far from over, but we've got an All-Tournament Team Ballot sitting in front of us that's due 13 minutes from now. So far I've put Duke's Alison Bales, ASU's Danielle Orsillo and Rutgers' Kia Vaughn on the ballot. I'm going to let Matee Ajavon and Emily Westerberg duke it out for the MVP spot and second place, but with 15 minutes remaining and ASU only trailing by 7, anything could happen. Let's just say I'm not writing in pen.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 08:15 PM on March 26, 2007
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This ASU team knows how to come back unlike just about anything else, so don't be surprised if they turn it around.

However that last airball doesn't help.

At least January is back in the line-up tonight. Watch some of her facial expressions, they are priceless.

Go ASU!!!

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