Rutgers-ASU: Here First.

By Jessica Garrison - March 26, 2007

Like I said, you'll read it here first: As Rutgers cuts the nets down out on the court they just read off the Greensboro All-Tournament Team, and it read exactly like my ballot (coincedence, I'm sure), down to the MVP bestowed upon Matee Ajavon. Kudos to Alison Bales, the only player to make the team that wasn't playing Tuesday night. Her 21 points proved how un-ready she was to head home.

All in all, a slugfest that paled in excitement to Saturday's big upset, but solid basketball nonetheless. At least I had the boys on press row to chat with. Some thoughts from the Hoops Odyssey crew that rang especially true:
"Arizona State never even had a chance!" ~Waxman
"Vaughn is good." ~Osterhout
"They cut the nets down here for getting to the Final Four, then when they win the first game, then when they win the title game? That's an overabundance of net-cutting." ~Osterhout

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 09:31 PM on March 26, 2007
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Who made the All-Tournament team in the Greensboro region besides Ajavon and Bales?

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