SEC: Game On!

By Jessica Garrison - March 03, 2007

Remember the scene from Wayne's World, where Garth and Wayne score backstage passes, and parade their way backstage, "schwinging" their passes into anyone's face they can find? I just had much the same experience getting into the Gwinnett Center with my media parking pass. After navigating my way through a serious traffic backup and mobs of excited fans crossing the street at will (and this is at least an hour before tip-off!), I found my way to the loading dock of the Gwinnett Center, snagged a spot and shwinged my way inside with my press pass.

There is orange EVERYWHERE -- hanging on flags out the windows of cars, on sweaters and hats and pants and socks of the thousands of people streaming into the game. I was unimpressed with the attendance at the second game last night. Looks like my impression couldn't have been more wrong -- at least when Tennessee's going to take the court. In fact, the only shred of purple I saw in the parking lot was an RV twice the size of most houses I saw on my drive south this morning decorated with "Geaux Tigers" signs and an admirable tailgate spread. I thought about stopping to supplement the media grub, but I was eager to see whether the atmosphere would hold when I got inside.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 06:24 PM on March 03, 2007
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So how's the media grub today? Did you get your sweet tea???

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