SEC: Tooting their Horn

By Jessica Garrison - March 02, 2007

I'll give props to the Gwinnett Center's color scheme -- beats the heck out of teal and purple -- but I can't say much for the layout -- There's tons of open floor space around the court, and you'd have to have an insane crowd to get this place good and loud. The LSU fan contingent is doing its darndest, but you can definitely sense that this is a hockey-sized arena with a little too much room to spare.

What IS great about the floor layout is that there are four marching bands present at any given time, each with their own corner behind the basket. Tonight of course, we have the Gator band closest to me, the Ole Miss bunch next to them, and LSU holding down the other side in anticipation of the Vanderbilt band's arrival. The Gator band is most obviously rooting for Ole Miss -- and for good reason. If my team had just gotten a second lease on life in the SEC tournament, I'd want the biggest, baddest center in the league out of the way before I had to deal with her. LSU's Sylvia Fowles isn't dominating tonight, with only four points and five rebounds in the first half (she hasn't added to her point total since) but it doesn't mean the orange-and-blue wouldn't stand a better chance against the Rebels tomorrow -- if they make it past Vanderbilt tonight...

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 08:47 PM on March 02, 2007

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