Showdown Sunday

By Jessica Garrison - March 04, 2007

I figure as long as we're slapping themes on every week of the men's college basketball season, the women might as well get their dramatic-sounding promo titles as well.

So here we are on Showdown Sunday, hours before two of the biggest conference tournaments will decide their champion, and the matchups are hardly what anyone expected. Duke looked like a forgone conclusion to play today, but N.C. State dramatically took their spot. Tennessee ran the table in the SEC and is conspicuously absent from tonight's fight card in Duluth (you gotta wonder how that affects title game attendance). Vanderbilt is anything but a glamour pick, often overlooked in favor of flashier teams in its own conference, but they're successfully running in Survivor mode: Outrun, Outscore, Outlast.

The only easy pick among the teams playing today is UNC. The Tar Heels had a much bumpier season than they would have liked, and Duke basked in most of the ACC media glow this season, but now Carolina's in an ideal position. They're a better team than N.C. State, and if they don't underestimate the sheer force of the Wolfpack's emotional inspiration, they can top the Pack for the ACC crown. UNC's already taken its licks this season, knows how it feels to let one get away, and this conference tournament momentum will push them well into the tournament.

Tonight, LSU and Vanderbilt has the potential to be a wild ride. Imagine a technical, finesse boxer like Floyd Mayweather in the ring with a bruiser like Ricardo Mayorga. Will LSU manage to beat Vandy into submission? Will Vanderbilt dance their score up right out of the Tigers' reach for twelve rounds?

Let the games begin...

(And now I'm going to Waffle House.)

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 11:43 AM on March 04, 2007
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Hey, little greedy aren't we? Why don't you just stick to the SEC Garrison. :)

This is a dialogue, Lippman.

Don't you have anything to say about our situation down here a little further south, you SEC alum, you?

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