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By Jeff Lippman - March 12, 2007

Tonight officially begins the 2007 NCAA Tournament when Selection Monday lays the groundwork to the Final Four in Cleveland on April 1 and 3.

Between myself, Debbie Antonelli and Jerry Palm, we have talked about the top teams all season and at times projected where they might fall in the NCAA Tourney. Well now I will do you one better...

Here are my top four seeds in each regional before the selection show proves just how wrong I am:

Fresno Regional:

1) Tennessee (28-3, No. 4 AP, No. 1 RPI)
2) Stanford (28-4, No. 6 AP, No. 10 RPI)
3) Arizona State (28-4, No. 8 AP, No. 17 RPI)
4) Texas A&M (24-6, No. 13 AP, No. 23 RPI)

Greensboro Regional:

1) Duke (30-1, No. 1 AP, No. 2 RPI)
2) Purdue (28-5, No. 12 AP, No. 4 RPI)
3) LSU (24-7, No. 10 AP, No. 15 RPI)
4) Middle Tennessee State (28-3, No. 16 AP, No. 16 RPI)

Dallas Regional:

1) Connecticut (29-3, No. 2 AP, No. 5 RPI)
2) Maryland (27-5, No. 7 AP, No. 6 RPI)
3) Oklahoma (26-4, No. 11 AP, No. 8 RPI)
4) Rutgers (21-8, No. 19 AP, No. 9 RPI)

Dayton Regional:

1) North Carolina (30-3, No. 3 AP, No. 3 RPI)
2) Vanderbilt (27-5, No. 9 AP, No. 7 RPI)
3) Ohio State (27-3, No. 5 AP, No. 11 RPI)
4) Georgia (25-6, No. 14 AP, No. 13 RPI)

And here are a few teams seeded lower than the top four seeds but who still have a chance to go far in this year's tournament:

North Carolina State: Most likely a No. 5 seed, they earned whatever seeding they get at the ACC Tournament. By defeating No. 1 Duke and giving eventual champion North Carolina a run for their money, the Wolfpack proved they can run with the best and they have the resolve and emotional intensity necessary to make a deep tourney run.

Iowa State: They gave Big 12 champ Oklahoma a run for their money and beat Texas A&M twice this season. Point guard Lyndsey Medders is a senior and knows what it takes to win. This probable six seed did lose to Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Colorado this season, but they seem to be playing their best basketball as of late.

George Washington: The Colonials may have bowed out of the Atlantic-10 Tournament early, taking a loss against St. Joseph's, but it is apparent that GW can play. Members of the Top 10 for most of the season, they were left out of the top four seeds because of a poor RPI mixed with their failure to win the A-10. That said, the loss may have been a small bump on the road to the Sweet Sixteen or further.

Check out Jerry Palm's Latest Bracketanica

The key to Bracketanica:
Square with Black Dot: Means there was no change from the previous week's seeding
Green Up Arrow: Means that team is seeded higher this week than last
Red Down Arrow: Means that team is seeded lower this week than last

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 12:08 PM on March 12, 2007
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Can someone decrypt Jerry Palm's codes he uses to the left of the teams in his "Bracketania", i.e., the square with a black dot in the center, an up green arrow, and a down red arrow. I can do some guessing but nowhere does he define these!

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