Stanford vs. Arizona: Will she or won't she?

By Lara Boyko - March 03, 2007

As Stanford's Candice Wiggins is recovering from a hamstring injury, one of the many questions in tonight's match-up between Stanford and Arizona is if she will play.

The team is 5-0 without her and there are some who think that Brooke Smith actually carries this team, but the initial scouting report here finds Wiggins dressed and ready to play. Will she actually play though it still TBD.

One player on the Stanford side who will not be playing tonight is JJ Hones as she is out with an ACL tear (one of four that occured in the Pac-10 this season).

Meanwhile on the Arizona side, everyone looks ready to go. I was in the resturant of the media (and team) hotel this morning when they came in for breakfast. I can't tell you the exact number of waffles, mugs of hot chocolate or glasses of orange juice that were consumed by the Wildcats, but I was quite happy to have been in there BEFORE they arrived.

Stay tuned, tip off is in less than 10 minutes.

Posted by Lara Boyko at 07:40 PM on March 03, 2007

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