UMBC-UConn: Going To The...Huskies

By Jessica Garrison - March 18, 2007

You've gotta give credit to the Retrievers. No one seems to have told them they're outmatched tonight and they are FIGHTING. Case in point: UConn's Brittany Hunter goes for what looks like an easy jump shot and ends up with 5-11 UMBC senior Sharri Rhode blocking the ball back into her face. The Retrievers kept the lead around 10 for the bulk of the first half, even cutting it back to single digits a few times. But here wer are at halftime and the Huskies have pulled ahead 41-20.

You can see press row getting restless, writing leads, and I imagine what looks like the halftime bathroom exodus will end up being a decent-sized group that leave the game entirely. They just came to make good and sure UConn wasn't going to get shocked by these upstart pups, and now that things look under control, they'll leave it to Geno and his women to clean up the last 20 minutes.

I'm still praying for a tournament time miracle to make it competitive. Please please please....

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 10:09 PM on March 18, 2007

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