USC vs. Stanford: It's just not pretty

By Lara Boyko - March 04, 2007

Stanford's starting five are all riding the pine right now, but even the second string is holding their own.

There's two minutes on the clock and USC just can't come back.

The score is 67-49 Stanford and with the blowout in place, I will have to endure even more USC teasing from my friend Pablo 'Choops' Garcia. Don't get me wrong, Pablo is a good guy, but the smarty pants went to Stanford on a full ride for his undergraduate degree and USC on a full ride for his MBA. Even though he has the USC MBA, when it comes down to it, he bleeds for the for the Cardinal.

Stay tuned, we're wrapping it up in San Jose for the day.

USC 52
Stanford 67

Posted by Lara Boyko at 09:12 PM on March 04, 2007

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