UWGB-New Mexico: Easy Being Green

By Jessica Garrison - March 18, 2007

Green Bay got what it came for, the first "upset" here in Hartford, if the 8-9 game qualifies for true upset status. Green Bay just advanced to face the winner of the upcoming UMBC-UConn came with this 59-52 win.

This is great news for the surprising number of Green Bay fans in the audience, especially the guy who obviously hasn't bothered to change out of his St. Patrick's Day costume (or stop partying, I suspect) and simply painted a green UWGB on his chest among the shamrocks and giant sequined leprechaun hat. I imagine if you're a Green Bay fan, your opportunities to cheer topless are few and far between.

Even so, all this has a certain air of opening band about it. 26 minutes away is the main event of the night if you beleive the crowd here: UConn-UMBC. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 09:00 PM on March 18, 2007

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