Believe The Hype

By Jessica Garrison - April 03, 2007

They've got an excellent video editing staff working here in Cleveland for the NCAA Final Four -- the pregame video of how Rutgers and Tennessee got here got ME hype. Kia Vaughn screaming, Stringer yelling "YES! YES! YES!" with joy and the Tennessee bench clearing for a postgame celebration. Not to mention more than a few killer blocks, outside shots and other assorted hero moments...One minute to tip-off and I am PUMPED!

While we're giving snaps, props go to Mark and his friends at ASAP Sports who have faithfully transcribed every press conference over the last few days. When you're dealing with C. Vivian Stringer (the C is for Chatty) that's no mean feat. They make our job easy -- or easier. Grazie!

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 08:14 PM on April 03, 2007

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