Bobbitt Makes The Cut

By Jessica Garrison - April 03, 2007

Tennessee's opened up Rutgers' veins and is bleeding them dry going over, under and through them to the basket. Epiphanny Prince just slept on Shannon Bobbit, and her New York City comrade drained her second straight three pointer. Then Alexis Hornbuckle ducked under two defenders on the fast break and darined a layup, smooth like butter. Looking at this from the Rutgers' point of view is getting painful. C. Viv deserves better! NOW is the time to overachieve! Do it for the Turnpike operators, who salute you!

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 10:07 PM on April 03, 2007
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Everybody now ...

"Nonchamps like us, baby we were born to runner-up."

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