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By Jeff Lippman - April 01, 2007

CSTV in da house!

On Saturday night at the VIP/Media Party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the CSTV.com crew got the Final Four party started right.

Now on Semifinal Sunday, we'll be bringing a triumvirate of coverage on everything you need to know, maybe should know and possibly might not even want to know for the 2007 Final Four in Cleveland.

Meet the Crew:

CSTV.com's West of the Mississippi Columnist Lara Boyko:

Lara is in Cleveland by way of La-La Land, Los Angeles. And Boyko knows her way around the celebs and bright lights of Tinsel Town. The three biggest things to come out of L.A. in some time, Bryant, Bush and Boyko. Lara will be handling the duties of our Wandering Atmosphere Correspondence--AKA she'll be doing the WAC job--and will getting down and dirty behind the scenes.

Former CSTV.com Womens Basketball Editor and Columnist Jessica Garrison:

Hands down, Jess Garrison is the greatest and most knowledgeable women's basketball columnist slash grade-school teacher in the world. After failing to secure a second mini-guitar from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night, Garrison is ready to rock and or roll into action at Quicken Loans. Known for her wacky blue pen-ink mascara jobs, Garrison will be blogging the progress of LSU and North Carolina as they do battle with Rutgers and Tennessee, respectively.

CSTV.com's Women's Basketball Editor Jeff Lippman:

After trips to East Lansing and Dayton for regional action, the exotic locale of Cleveland is giving Lippman mixed emotions. Although the city is far more beautiful than expected, Lippman just can't get over his bias that Jacobs Field is simply a copy of Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore. At Quicken Loans, Lippman will be followling closely the action of Rutgers and Tennessee, making sure to keep a close eye on the heir apparent herself, CP3.

The action starts just two hours from now, with the Tigers and Scarlet Knights hitting the floor usually fit for a King. King James that is.

Many people believe the second game of the night between one seeds Tennessee and North Carolina is the de facto National Championship, but that doesn't give LSU and Rutgers enough credit.

The Heels and Vols may just be the best two teams in Cleveland--and certainly by the rankings--but if this year's Tournament has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. I wouldn't put anything past Rutgers and C. Vivian Stringer just as I would never count out the determination the kids from LSU have shown throughout this tourney.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 04:37 PM on April 01, 2007

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