Get the party started...

By Lara Boyko - April 03, 2007

It's the rockin atmosphere of the Quicken Loans Arena that makes me wish that some of my women's college basketball friends, like my friend Pablo 'Choops' Garcia and his colleague Bridget Taylor, could be part of.

From the seat cushions, to those famous flaming guitars and flashing lights of the LED signs around the arena, it's time to get the party started as the starting line-ups are being announced.

If you are curious about what 'Choops' means, here are some quick definitions and variations that have not made their way to yet:

Choops - Chick hoops
Choopsters - Chicks who play hoops
Choopies - Chick hoop groupies
Chooperoos – Chick hoop fans

Stay tuned, more from the WAC report to come…

Posted by Lara Boyko at 08:33 PM on April 03, 2007
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One of the underrated fun aspects of reading "She's on Fire" is the way your blog rejects punctuation like Mickey Mantle's liver. A simple apostrophe turns into some collection of maybe Cyrillic (cuneiform?) characters -- and the best part is the little TM trademark that shows up, just in case rival bloggers try to somehow duplicate what look like crazy emoticons.

If this is just some weird thing that shows up on my browser, just ignore me and carry on as you were with completely normal punctuation.

Thanks for the catch.

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